French theatrical release: December 6th, 2006
Distributed by Solaris Distribution

It's far, very far from the beaten paths. Totaly stranger to the usual formating of cinema.Looking forward to see Sepideh Farsi's next film. NOUVEL OBS

Sepideh Farsi develops this multiple-leveled story with extreme delicassy. Of quivering humanism. LE MONDE


The director of DREAMS OF DUST has made a doleful, malncolic fable about the resentment. PREMIERE

The film is built like a puzzle, grdually unfolding.The actor's direction is masterly...Very beautiful! POSITIF




The Iranian, French-based director, Sepideh Farsi's new film is a great succes. BRAZIL

Amidst grief, violance, curiosity and regret, another vision of Iran emerges... intimist, almost universal. LE FIGARO