Born in Tehran, SEPIDEH FARSI moves to Paris in 1984 to study Mathematic, but is driven towards the visual arts very quickly. Selfthaught, she first experiments photography for several years, before coming to the cinema, starting to write her first short projects in the late 80’s. She makes her first short "Red Shoes" in 1988, followed by "Tango" (1989), "Northwind" (1993) and "Water Dreams" (1997).
Then comes the identity quest, which she experiments through her first documentary "The world is my home" which isn investigation about the cultural identity for Iranian exilees. Follows a second documentary "Homi D. Sethna, filmmaker" (2000) shot in India and which depicts the life of an old Zoroastrien filmmaker in Bombay (a new return to her roots). The film is shown in many festivals around the world and wins several awards, in Cinéma du Réel, in Bombay Film Festival (FIPRESCI prize) and in Traces de Vie Festival in Clermont-Ferrand. Then follows "Men of Fire" (2001), a documentary on the firemen of Tehran. "The Journey of Maryam" (2002) marks out Sepideh's poetical unvierse, drifting in a no-man’s land between fiction and documentary. An in-between which she seems to claim vigorously, maybe as a logical conclusion of her cultural identity puzzle. Her first feautre "Dreams of Dust" is shot in 2003. "The Gaze" was selected for the Tiger Awards competiton in Rotterdam Film Festival (2006) and "Harat" her last film, which participated in Locarno (2007) just got the Best Documentary Prize in Festival dei Popoli (Italy).