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Everything started three years ago, with the documentary film HOMI SETHNA, FILMMAKER. Homi's fascinating charachter convinced us to follow the director Sepideh Farsi to shoot in India, without any external fundings. Soon the film was ready and started going around the festivals all over the world. To this day, it has attended some ten festivals and has been awarded in three of them. What seemed an alternative production system at the beginning, soon began to become a full fledge device. The success of HOMI SETHNA, FILMMAKER encouraged us to continue. That is how REVES d'EAU PRODUCTIONS came to exist. Followed MEN OF FIRE (2001) and THE JOURNEY OF MARYAM (2002). Then we decided to extend our activity to film distribution in order to give our productions a better visibility. "The Journey of Maryam", our distribution début, was released in France in June 2003. It was followed by DREAMS OF DUST (released in France by Paradoxe in Jan. 2005), and by THE GAZE (French theatrical release by Solaris, Dec. 2006). We are proud to announce that our most recent production, HARAT (2007), also selected in Locarno Film Festival, just won the Best Documentary Prize in Festival dei Popoli (Italy).

Javad Djavahery